Foods sourced from across the world for nationwide supply

Foods sourced from across the world for nationwide supply

CMK Trading Ltd. is dedicated to supply pure and healthy food ingredients to the health-oriented food industry.

To source exceptional ingredients we have a long-standing and sustainable partnership with orchards and manufacturers.

Our range consist from sophisticated dried fruit ingredients to deli and fish products.

Our production ability is available for customs mixes and formulas.

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Where we work

Chocolate Producers

Chocolate Producers

Infused dried fruits, natural dried fruits and choco-safe fruit puree pieces are ideal for coating and mixing in chocolate.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking

Apple juice infused fruit puree pieces are excellent snacks for anyone, especially children and the health conscious.

Industrial Bakers

industrial bakers

Whole or sliced infused dried fruits and bake-safe fruit puree pieces bring natural sweetness, for Industrial Bakers.



Natural dried fruits and fruit puree pieces are the best companions of breakfast cereals and breakfast bars.

Dairy / Ice Cream

Dairy and Ice Cream

In place of fresh fruit, infused dried fruits are an ideal replacement for perishable fruits in dairy and ice cream products.

Deli & Fish


The perfect base for your dish, or ingredient for your meal, our deli and fish products ideal for your kitchen.

We are ready to respond quickly and efficiently to any variation in the supply or demand of a product. In addition, we deliver directly from our ingredients' source to your warehouse, using our supply chain services.

Pure, natural and sustainable production allows us to provide healthy and delicious ingredients all year round to our clients. Under BRC & IFS regulations, CMK Trading is supplying major retailers in the UK.

We serve the health-oriented food industry. All products are vegan, GMO free, gluten free and allergen free. No artificial colorants and artificial flavours are added to our products. Organic or conventional bespoke premium food for your business.

Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to support our client’s growth and changing needs - regardless of the industry in which your kitchen or food production line operates. We provide lean supply chain with our door-to-door services.

fruit pieces in machinery

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