Deli & Fish Products

Deli & Fish Products

CMK Trading offers a wide range of Mediterranean antipastos selection. Our range consist from sun-dried tomato to sustainable production fish. Regardless of your industry, we have right products with right packing for your business. All products are sourced from partner factories, which operates under IFS or BRC regulations.
We are committing to supply the finest foods and ingredients with the best available price and door to door lean supply chain operations. Our production capability allows us to produce private label customised products and packing options.

Sun Dried Tomato

Fresh tomatoes of excellent quality are sun-dried to keep taste, colour, texture. They have been hand sorted and inspected for perfect quality.

Our range consists of organic or convectional:

  • Sun Dried Tomato Halves (sulphured and/or un-sulphured)
  • Julienne Strips (sulphured and/or un-sulphured)
  • Sun Dried Tomato Dices (sulphured and/or un-sulphured)
  • Sun Dried Tomato in Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil
  • Sun Dried Tomato Paste
  • Tomato Powder
  • Oven Roasted Semi Dried Tomatoes


Convectional or organic artichokes are ideal for both foodservice and retail business.

  • Botton artichokes in brine
  • Artichoke halves in brine
  • Marinated artichoke pieces


We supply an extensive range of mushrooms. We have;

  • Whole mushrooms
  • Slices mushrooms
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Milky Agaric mushrooms
  • Fried Funghi Pieces in olive oil
  • Exotic mushroom salad in brine
  • Mushroom salad in brine

Roasted Red Pepper

Capia variety peppers are handpicked and carefully roasted under direct fire to preserve unique aroma and texture. We can also supply mix colours of roasted peppers such as red and yellow or red, yellow and green.

  • Whole roasted red peppers
  • Whole red peppers in brine
  • Roasted red pepper strings


CMK offers different olives varieties from Turkey to Spain with their origin characteristics. We can also stuff the olives with various ingredients i.e roasted red pepper, almond, lemon etc.

  • Gordal Olives
  • Domat Olives
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Gemlik Olives
  • Pitted Green Olive
  • Pitted Black Olives
  • Stuffed Olives


Our asparagus are supplied from designation of origin orchards of Navarra region in Spain that allows us to claim Protected Geographical Identification certificate.

  • White asparagus spears in brine
  • White Asparagus spears of “La Ribera”
  • Tips of white asparagus spears in brine
  • Green asparagus spears in brine

Pickled Peppers and Gherkins

We offer range of different pickled vegetables these are;

  • Pickled gherkins
  • Spring onions
  • Chilli peppers
  • Banderillas
  • Capers

Tuna, Sardines and Anchovies

CMK Trading works with MSC (Co-label Sustainable Fishing), IPNLF (International Pole & Line Foundation) and Dolphin Safe certificated supplier to provide sustainable fish.

  • Tuna in brine (Tin)
  • Tuna in olive oil (Jar)
  • Tuna crumbs in sunflower olive (Jar)
  • Anchovy in organic olive oil
  • Sardines
  • Gherkin stuffed with tuna
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Sea Salad (crap with peppers)
  • Italian salad with tuna

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